RentPay by Rent Perfect


Collecting rent should be the fun part of the business... Online RentPay makes it easier than ever. Never have to hear "the check is in the mail" again. Click below to see how we are changing the way you get paid.

After you create your Rent Perfect account, you are only 3 simple steps away from collecting rent through RentPay.


Link your bank account to start receiving online payments.

Setup the payment due date, amount due, and late fee details.

Email notification when a payment is submitted & received.


Why You Should Start Using RentPay Today:

  • Just $10* per month for landlords, unlimited properties.
  • A low $3.95 processing fee for tenants.
  • You receive funds in 3-5 business days. Keep your account info secure!
  • Automatically sends monthly recurring payment reminders and displays late payment alerts, along with inclusion of late fees.
  • No partial payments allowed! Landlord determines amount due and due date!
  • Positive payment history reported to credit bureau.

*Paid monthly to the payment processor for each bank account receiving payments.