The Right Process

The last thing you want is a confusing experience for either you or your tenant. Start with a simple email invite and enjoy the process...

The Right Screening

Not all tenant screening is created equal and you deserve the best before opening your property and your pocketbook to a total stranger...

The Right Forms

The forms you use create the framework for protecting you and your investment. The power to protect is literally at your fingertips...


Get ready to Rent Perfect in 3 simple steps:

1: Create a Rent Perfect account for a small 1 time set up fee.

2: Send an application invite to a prospect; they pay the setup, making it free for you.

3: Select the right tenant and choose from additional tools to Rent Perfect.

Bad Screening = Bad Tenant = Expensive Eviction

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Meera Patel, Tenant
When my landlord said they used an app called Rent Perfect I couldn't imagine that they would deliver on their name. They did and then some.

Miguel Sanchez, Landlord
Rent Perfect customer service is top notch. I really appreciate the ability to talk to a real person who cares about my rental property.