Privacy Policies and Practices

With respect to storage of consumer private information:

Storing Consumer Private Information:

Any private consumer information in any way by, for or through Investigative Screening Company, Inc DBA Rent Perfect that has not already been purged from the ISC computer systems, is securely stored only at ISC data center located in the United States.
By providing your phone number to Rent Perfect, you are opting in and providing express written consent to receive SMS text messages and that you are responsible for any and all charges related to receiving these messages.  You may periodically receive messages from Rent Perfect that provide order status updates, requests for additional information, and/or promotional materials.  You can opt out of receiving messages from Rent Perfect by replying with the word “STOP”.  

With respect to sharing of consumer private information to other parties:

Sharing Consumer Private Information:

Consumer Information obtained in any way by ISC is never shared with any other party, unless a consumer has authorized sharing their information with another party.

With respect to selling of consumer private information to other parties:

Selling consumer Private Information:

Consumer information obtained in any way by ISC is never sold to any other party.

With respect of password requirements and online security:

Protecting Consumers Private Information:

ISC takes the highest precautions to keep our clients and consumers data protected. We adopt the highest standards available for client and consumer authentication. In order to ensure the integrity of our system, ISC requires the following password requirements.
  • Password length
    • Between 8-20 Characters
    • Have an upper case letter
    • Have a number
    • Have one acceptable special characters: $ . ! ^ * @
  • Password Expiration - Every 90 days
  • Password History - Cannot re-use the last 4 passwords
  • Password Attempts - Maximum of 3 attempts
  • Idle Timeout - 15 minutes of inactivity will result to invalidation of user's session
  • Lockout Duration - Permanent or until user or ISC staff resets the password

With respect to preparation and processing of investigation consumer reports:


Personal Information Disclosure: United States and Overseas. ISC does not send any consumer personal information outside of the United States or its territories.
NOTE: Not only has ISC made the commitment to maintain reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy regarding individual consumer reports, but also to protect all consumer information for legitimate business purposes as governed by State Laws and the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. ISC will not furnish a consumer report to any person or entity where it has reasonable grounds for believing that the consumer report will not be used for a purpose listed in Section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Name, Mailing Address, E-mail address, Telephone number of investigative consumer reporting agency representatives who can assist a consumer with additional information regarding the investigative consumer reporting agency’s privacy practices or policies in the event of a compromise of his or her information are as follows:
Names: Customer Service
Address: P.O. Box 5960, Mesa, Arizona, 85211.
E-Mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone Number: 480-305-1350
The information contained in a ISC investigative consumer report may not include a complete history of all criminal activity relating to this applicant. ISC only reports information regarding criminal acts pursuant to Federal and State law, and pursuant to Certification Criteria guidelines for that particular investigation pursuant to the applicable criteria. Likewise, arrests, indictments, dismissals, deferments, expungements, sealed records or some other disposition data that does not result in a criminal conviction may not be reported pursuant to some applicable State laws. All records reported have been verified with the appropriate courts. ISC performs a specific profile verification together with a criminal background investigation of available court criminal records on the applicant that ISC has found in the course of its investigation. However, please be aware and understand that ISC does not guarantee that the person validated has absolutely NO criminal history. The report does not guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of the information as to the subject of the investigation, but only that it is accurately copied from public records, and information obtained that may be a result of identity theft, including evidence of criminal activity, may be inaccurately associated with the consumer applicant who is subject of the report by the court. Court inputting and other errors are possible and ISC investigators can only obtain records the courts make available with the understanding and reliance that they accurately exist in the court files. ISC licensed investigators search numerous court criminal record data bases and files regarding each investigation to ascertain whether or not the applicant has been convicted of, plead no contest to, or plead guilty to any criminal activity that results in the applicant being denied a ISC Certification. Therefore, ISC suggests you use common sense in your approach to the use of criminal records for your intended purposes.