Renter's Insurance


Requiring adequate renter's insurance is a landlord's first line of defense against lawsuits or damage that may arise due to tenant negligence.

Rent Perfect's system allows you to notify tenants of your renter's insurance requirements and invite them to purchase a policy through the Rent Perfect website.


Enable the Renter's Insurance requirement and notification setting.

The Tenant will be notified that you require renter's insurance if they rent from you.

Tenants can purchace a policy from our trusted provider or their own.


Why You Should Require Your Tenants to Purchase a Renter's Insurance Policy Today:

  • Liability protection for pets, fire, flood, and more.
  • Personal property insurance option to protect your tenant's belongings.
  • Tenants can receive quotes and make purchases all online.
  • Rates as low as $4.50 for liability insurance. Property insurance not included.