Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners.

We are excited to share with you a free copy of Rent Perfect's new eBook, "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners." David Pickron, President of Rent Perfect, shares over 20 years of knowledge in this book which is overflowing with great advice for landlords as well as seasoned and new investors. Learn some common mistakes made during the application process, costly red flags and money-saving tips to help you steer clear of your next eviction.

Eviction Records

If a tenant violates the lease by non-payment of rent, an unauthorized occupant, unauthorized pet or illegal activity the landlord can take legal action to regain possession of the property. Legal fees and evictions add up quickly and are a great source of stress for our clients. Your best alternative to avoid the eviction headache is to make sure you have the best screening possible. In our screening process, we will find previous evictions from other properties in counties where your applicant has lived. When an applicant has previous evictions, they are more likely to repeat the same behavior with you. Now, all evictions are not equal! Unpaid evictions are called "Open", meaning that the landlord and court are both waiting for the defendant to pay them back for the missed rent and the eviction fees. Open evictions are the most serious because that means your applicant has not had the money to back their previous landlord. Paid evictions are called "Satisfied", which means the landlord and the court consider the judgement to be completed. The final type of eviction add in our screening is called a "Dismissed Eviction". Dismissed evictions show that the applicant missed rent, but then paid rent before the applicant could be taken to court through the eviction process. Along with knowing the eviction criteria you are willing to accept, always remember to contact previous landlords to determine if your applicant is more likely to keep you away from the headache of the eviction process.