Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners.

We are excited to share with you a free copy of Rent Perfect's new eBook, "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners." David Pickron, President of Rent Perfect, shares over 20 years of knowledge in this book which is overflowing with great advice for landlords as well as seasoned and new investors. Learn some common mistakes made during the application process, costly red flags and money-saving tips to help you steer clear of your next eviction.

Rent Perfect Investigators Overview

Personal Investigator | Applicant’s Investigation | Criminal History Database

Rent Perfect Investigators Overview

Rent Perfect investigators are fully committed to helping you make the best decision for your rental properties by providing you with the accurate information you need.

In order to meet our seal of approval, all potential tenants must pass a stringent process of identity verification, and then meet the criteria you set for your rental property.

After you’ve received instant credit and criminal history reports, our team of highly-trained investigators will personally process and cross-check the information found against trusted up-to-date sources. This added layer of protection makes it much harder for criminals and those hiding false identities to slip through the cracks and into one of your rental properties.

From the time we receive an online application from your potential tenant, our reliable team of investigators can effectively generate a thorough tenant screening and background check assessment within 4 to 6 business hours. That means a few hours is all that separates you from a stronger, more secure rental business.

Take advantage of the industry’s most thorough tenant screening process and start making better rental decisions with Rent Perfect today.