Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners.

We are excited to share with you a free copy of Rent Perfect's new eBook, "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners." David Pickron, President of Rent Perfect, shares over 20 years of knowledge in this book which is overflowing with great advice for landlords as well as seasoned and new investors. Learn some common mistakes made during the application process, costly red flags and money-saving tips to help you steer clear of your next eviction.

Internal Audit

Property Background Check | History of Property | Property Investigation

If you are a potential buyer of a particular property, you need to know the status of that property:

  • How many evictions are filed each month?
  • How many residents have a criminal history?
  • How many residents have an eviction history?
  • How many residents are legal workers or residents of the U.S.?

Our trained investigators are committed to help you analyze the internal health of a property. With our Investigative Due Diligence Investigations, we will help potential investors buy the right property.

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