Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners.

We are excited to share with you a free copy of Rent Perfect's new eBook, "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners." David Pickron, President of Rent Perfect, shares over 20 years of knowledge in this book which is overflowing with great advice for landlords as well as seasoned and new investors. Learn some common mistakes made during the application process, costly red flags and money-saving tips to help you steer clear of your next eviction.

Rent Perfect FAQS

Rent Perfect  FAQS
What happens after an email invitation is sent to my potential tenant?
The email invitation that is sent to them contains a URL link to an online rental application. Once the application has been completed, an email notification will be sent to you.

At that point, you can access the full credit report and instant criminal records available for your potential tenant through your online account. Within 4 to 6 business hours, our assigned private investigator will deliver the results of a thorough background check.
What if my applicant does not receive the invitation?
Simply verify that the potential tenant’s email address has been entered correctly and then resend the invitation. There is no charge incurred until the online application has been completed. You will receive an email notification once the applicant has submitted all the necessary information, and you may check your online account to view the progress of an application in the “Status of Background” section of your account.
When can I review the results of a tenant screening application?
Credit reports, criminal history, and address history are available immediately upon completion of an online application by a potential tenant. Full investigative reports are normally available within 4 to 6 business hours after an online application has been submitted.
What if my potential tenant does not have an email address?
If your applicant does not have a valid email address, he or she may opt to have the invitation sent to your email, or to a family member’s email address. From there, the applicant can click on the provided URL and continue normally.
Can I send a single invitation for husband-and-wife to apply together?
For the sake of safety, each person must receive a separate invitation. However, multiple invitations may be sent to the same email address.
Why do I need to put in a rental amount for the application?
The monthly rental amount is necessary to compute the vital “rent income” ratio. Verifying an applicant’s reported income is the responsibility of the landlord or property owner.
What is the “general comments” box for?
You may use this section to provide any additional instructions or messages to potential tenants.
How do I add a property address into my account?
Use the “Property Information” to add in a new property address.
Why should a potential tenant pay the application fee?
By agreeing to pay an application fee, potential tenant signifies that he or she is serious about renting your property and is confident that they meet the standards to qualify. This commitment is, by itself, a type of preliminary screening, as it may suggest the applicant’s diligence in paying future rental deposits. However, landlords, investors, and property owners have the option to pay application fees themselves if they choose to do so.
How does a potential tenant pay for their report?
The applicant will be required to pay using their credit card.
What kind of information is included in the application fee?
  • Instant complete credit report
  • Instant preliminary criminal history report
  • Address history, with eviction record (if any)
  • A thorough investigative overview report, within 4-6 business hours
Can I opt not to get a credit report on my applicants?
Yes. Please call the customer service at 877-922-2547 for further instructions.
How do I view my applicant’s completed online application?
You may view completed applications in the “Status of Background” tab by clicking the AP icon.
How do I change the credit card on file for my account?
Go to the “Account Settings” section of your account online and click on “edit” and the payment information section.